Moore 18/06/2022

Construction site uses various vehicles for transportation. Some heavy vehicles such as trucks will be needed to deliver the construction materials. Because of that, the vehicles will keep coming and leaving the site regularly. It is normal to happen, but there is problem that should become the concern. One of them is about the soil and stones stuck to the wheels of the vehicles. The soils can be accumulated when it is not cleaned properly. In the end, it can make the vehicles have problems when it is time for maintenance. In addition, it can become serious problems when the soils and other materials pollute the road. That is why it is best for construction site to have wheel wash technology.

Great Wheel Washer to Clean Perfectly

MobyDick provides best wheel washers for construction sites. In this case, MobyDick provides some choices of wheel washers, and each client or contractor can choose the most suitable product for them. It is not difficult to get the suitable model because MobyDick also provides some modular wheel washers, and it is even possible to find custom wheel washers. The sizes and dimensions can be arranged and adjusted. Moreover, it is easy to operate. Basically, the wheel washers can work automatically so it does not require many people to operate the wheel washers.

Excellent Wheel Washing Technology

MobyDick provides great technology to deal with the problem. Most wheel washers spray the water to clean the wheels and lower body of vehicles. The wheel washers from MobyDick also uses the same mechanism. However, it offers something special in which the power to spray the water is already calculated properly so it can clean and wash the wheels well. The stones and soils can be removed excellently. The good news is that it does not require high consumption of energy to operate the wheel washers because it uses combination of low water pressure and high-water volume.