Things to do in Chengdu

  Chengdu is situated in southwestern China in the Sichuan province. Visit the city that…

Things to do in Chengdu


Chengdu is situated in southwestern China in the Sichuan province. Visit the city that used to be the seat of the Shu kingdom during the 4th century BC. The city is known for many acts of conservation and attracts millions of visitors every year. You may fly from Hong Kong to Chengdu and see this alluring city.  Note the places that you can explore once you land in Chengdu.


  • The research base for giant pandas: The Chengdu base is the home for giant pandas that bring 151 million tourists each year. Not only pandas, but there are also a collection of red pandas, peacocks, giant pandas, and many more in the zoo, along with more than 2000 specimens of plants. They started with around six giant pandas in 1987 and then reached to almost 100 captive pandas. You may see various pandas sleeping, eating, and playing together. The target of this institute is to be a world-class research facility.


  • KuanZhai Alley: If you are a shopaholic, you’ll love enjoying the KuanZhai Alley, which is also known as the wide and narrow alley. These alleys were built during the times of the Qing dynasty, and are line by ancient courtyards, which is now converted to tea stalls, restaurant, hostel, bars, and stalls all meant for selling goods. The alleys offer everything starting from local dishes to Sichuan Opera, so please check this place to quench your shopping spree.


  • Jinsha site museum: This is an archaeological site in Chengdu, which was discovered in 2001, accidentally while construction was taking place for some real estate company. The museum has several interesting things to exhibit starting from uncovered artefacts and recreations, and all that they felt life would be like in the 4th century, people who lived in the ‘ land of abundance’. The other interesting things found here were gold figures, jewellery, and jade artefacts, bronze, and carved stone objects. You will love this Jinsha site museum if you love to learn about ancient history.


  • Dujiangyan irrigation system: If you are interested to visit some old irrigation system that is 2,200 years old, then visit the Dujiangyan irrigation system that is UNESCO rated world heritage site. The scenery across the Minjiyang irrigation system is awesome, as you cross the Alan cable bridge, and see yourself surrounded by lush mountains and turquoise water. The people around the MinjiyangRiver used to be constantly threatened by floods during the 256 BC. The irrigation system was the result of brainstorming by the engineers, governors, and hydrologists who wanted to make the life of people safer.


  • Erwang temple: This temple is a part of Dujiangyan, so you may enter it from the top of YuleiMountain or might be after the irrigation tour ends. Erwang is also known as the Two Kings temple and was built in honour of Shu King. The temple was relocated and the inhabitants renamed it after the memory of Li Bing and his son, who saved the people of the plains from the devastating yearly floods. The father and son both were promoted to the status of the king after they passed away.


  • Qingcheng Mountains: Visit the alluring QinchengMountain, which is an abode to history, wisdom, and beauty. This place, almost 68 kilometres from Chengdu is known to be the birthplace of Taoism. The bountiful Mount Qingcheng has two sides- front and back. The front side has ten Taoist temples, waterfalls, and also shopping stalls. You may hike the top of the mountain and be indulged to the spiritual self. The backside has lesser mountains and more of nature that might awe inspire you with the charm the more you climb.


  • Sichuan cuisine museum: Chengdu is no only renowned for being the abode to giant pandas, but also as the city of gastronomy as deigned by UNESCO. If you are eager to learn more about Sichuan cuisine, you may visit here, as you will learn the technique of awesome cooking by the chefs and experts here. You will learn the style, essence, and way to cook and eat some too. Apart from the taste and experience, you’ll learn to cook and expertise over the art. Something unique, isn’t it?


Learn the local language and try the local food here in Chengdu. You have a lot to explore and learn starting from culture, places, language, and food. Don’t miss a visit to the New Century global centre, which is known as one of the biggest buildings in the world.